“My daughter has been attending Portsmouth Catholic since pre-school; she is now in 3rd grade.  My husband and I toured most of the Catholic schools in the area before making our decision to send her to Portsmouth Catholic – and we are extremely pleased with our decision.  Every day, I am comfortable that Samantha is being taken care of by the very involved, amazing teachers.  I know she will be safe, she will be intellectually challenged, and she will have the freedom to talk about Jesus and her religion.   The teachers and staff are like extended family members; the children are cared for and are known by name.  There is a wonderful balance of discipline and freedom at Portsmouth Catholic, and the community atmosphere would be hard to emulate elsewhere.  My child loves Portsmouth Catholic Regional School, and so do we!” ~ Gregg Schneider and Angie Chandler

“Portsmouth Catholic Regional School (PCRS) has been a place of growth and success for my great granddaughter, Kerri-Ann. PCRS offers an excellent environment for Kerri-Ann to learn while working on behavior and social skills within a small group of peers. Her kindergarten experience was progressive and joyful and prepared her well for first grade challenges. Our family credits PCRS with Kerri-Ann’s self-confidence, curiosity and love of learning to the incredible teachers who challenge her and provide a strong foundational experience for her. Our Catholic faith is important to our family and we are content that Catholic, Christian values are incorporated each day in a nurturing, loving environment. This helps our child grow spiritually as well as academically. PCRS has always valued the partnering of teachers and parents in educating children. The teachers communicate frequently and effectively with parents and are always willing to help the children by giving them an academically enriching, faith-filled helping hand. They genuinely care about the students and want them to succeed in every aspect of their development. At PCRS the curriculum is enhanced by the use of technology for completing work, and utilizing online resources. It still boggles my mind that our six year old has made outstanding progress in learning computer skills! Learning Spanish, and taking art and music have been fun for Kerri-Ann. Our family could not be more satisfied that we chose PCRS for Kerri-Ann’s faith-based educational journey.” ~ Ann R. Lambert

“Explaining why I chose PCRS for my family is something I’d gladly do over and over again. When I was looking for a kindergarten for my son, I heard great things about PCRS, but I also heard great things about the local school near my home. We decided to go with closer school. It was one of the worst mistakes I’ve made as a parent. The staff was cold and detached. My son was just another body in a desk and when I requested a meeting to discuss some problems he was having, I was told they didn’t have time for upset children. In fact they didn’t even notice that he was unhappy. After that meeting, I took my son out of school for a day to check out other options. The first place we went was PCRS. Everyone welcomed us with open arms and genuine smiles. It was clear that the staff was happy to be there. My son was allowed to observe the kindergarten class with me, but he didn’t need it. He started looking for his desk. The teacher gladly gave him one and he never looked back. I have no doubt he could feel the love present. We are so happy at PCRS. There is an overwhelming sense of family. Any concerns I’ve had have been openly and fully addressed. The staff has been more than willing to meet each child where he or she is to ensure a positive experience for each one. Every child is special and valued, and my child feels safe and loved.
We are in our second year at PCRS and I am so blessed to a part of this family. My daughter can’t wait to come next year! There is a plaque by the front office that says that God is the reason for this school. Those are not just words written on the wall. PCRS lives those words in everything it does. It is a working testament of God’s love. Thank you PCRS!” ~ Tiffany Reese

“When my daughter was ready for kindergarten, I did all the research on private schools in the Suffolk/Chesapeake/Portsmouth area.  We ended up deciding on Nansemond Suffolk Academy and she was tested, accepted and ready to go.  Then one weekend we happened to see an ad for an Op.en House at Portsmouth Catholic and although I was familiar with the school, I had not really considered it.  That Sunday afternoon, we weren’t busy so my husband and I decided to go.  WE WERE BLOWN AWAY!!!  Not only by the excellent accreditations the school has, but by the loving, happy environment we felt when we walked through the doors of the classrooms.  The tuition was much less expensive than the other private school, and we truly felt we wanted our children not only to receive this kind of education, but grow up in this kind of environment.  So…. that was 10 years ago.  My daughter (who was on the basketball team for four years) just graduated from Portsmouth Catholic and now is a successful freshman at Peninsula Catholic.  My son is in 5th grade and made honor roll on his first eligibility.  I could go on, and on.” ~ Clair Dorsey

“There are not enough pages in a book for me to write about how truly WONDERFUL Portsmouth Catholic Regional School is within our community!  As a mother of a 1st grade and PreK-4 student, I am extremely confident in knowing that my daughters are receiving the best possible academic, spiritual and social education.  Each and every day, they awake eager and anxious to arrive at school because of the endless possibilities that await them…from technology to walking club to field trips to being excited about Reading Counts to celebrating mass to completely an activity in the science lab to singing their best for the Christmas program to performing service hours to walking hand-in-hand with their classmates as they enter the school building…there is something quite unique about PCRS.  When the principal, herself, takes the time to comfort your nervous and overwhelmed PreK student on their first day of school while reading her a story and alleviating her anxiety with comforting words and smiles, you just know there is something really special about this institution.  I am extremely grateful that my daughters have the opportunity to attend school here and I am very proud of the progress and development they have achieved because of the top-notch instructional, nurturing, caring and loving environment that Portsmouth Catholic School provides on a daily basis.  I cannot imagine my daughters’ educational experience any other way!” ~ Jean Roberts

“When my husband and I began looking at schools for our son several years ago, we had several options available to us in the private school sector, including one that can be seen from the front door of our house.  We began to make appointments for tours when we went to the Portsmouth Catholic Open House during Catholic Schools week.  During the open house we were welcomed into the school with open arms and open hearts.  Our tour was provided by one of the current students at the time and we could tell that the child had a sincere love and devotion for his school.  We spent a great deal of time with the Pre-K teacher at the time, as well as speaking with other teachers.  After speaking with the teachers, we felt as though we were already home and that our child would be in a kind, caring environment where his educational and social needs would be met.  In addition, his religious beliefs, as a Catholic would be reaffirmed. In the years that we have been members of the PCRS family, our son’s love of Jesus and understanding of Jesus’ love that he has learned at PCRS has helped him through the death of his beloved grandfather and given him the understanding that we will all go to heaven with his salvation and understanding. I continue to believe in the PCRS family and our faith-based community and look forward to spending the remaining educational years of elementary and middle school with our friends at PCRS and continue on to high school in a Catholic rich educational environment.” ~ Judith A. Tanner

“Portsmouth Catholic Regional School (PCRS) was chosen by my son Robert (Robbie) Love IV (age 5) because he liked the uniforms. His mother and I chose it for more fundamental reasons. We immediately felt a loving, communal spirit from the students, staff, administration, and very quickly from other parents too. It seemed at the time (and to this day) that every single person involved with Portsmouth Catholic had no doubt that this little school was the most special diamond in the rough in the Tidewater area. It has and continues to be a very special place with a focused effort to grow our children, the faulty/staff, and even parents into stronger and contributing individuals for the community. This is the strength of PCRS. It is what gives this school the ability to overcome any obstacle and emerge stronger and better. My son matriculated to Shenandoah University in September 2011. I have no doubt that the foundation built at PCRS was directly responsible for his acceptance into this University. My daughter (like her brother) has been at PCRS since age 4. I have watched both of these children excel and grow in ways far beyond what I would expect and certainly, their respective public school peers. From simple things like art appreciation to advanced math, this school amplifies those skills while reinforcing the spirit of the child too. It is an irreplaceable process to building successful, active people in our society, our church, and even future generations.
The Love’s continue to be amazed at the INVOLVED, CARING, and LOVING atmosphere at our school. It is our school!! And we love the uniforms.” ~ Robert Love

“Why PCRS you ask? One word sums it up, COMFORT. As a parent who attended Catholic school, I know what to expect, STRONG values, STRONG education, and friendships that will last a lifetime.  From the first time I stepped foot in PCRS, I felt at ease.  My son walked in and said, “Mommy, this is my new school.”  As a parent that was my moment of reassurance, plus what a great feeling to see familiar faces from when I was in Catholic school.  My children are surrounded by people I went to school with, siblings of previous teachers I’ve had, and parents of several of my classmates.  It is an amazing feeling to see the family that I’ve developed and loved from attending Catholic school is being continued at PCRS.  Go Pirates!” ~ Candiss Cox