Pre-K Program

“We wanted our three year old daughter’s experience in school to focus on academics, but also to be a place where our morals, values and beliefs would be supported. Portsmouth Catholic has provided the type of environment we desire to help our daughter as she grows. She loves her teacher and the many friends that she has made. We are excited to see the work that she brings home weekly, and we see her growing in Christ on a daily basis. Portsmouth Catholic has a very tight knit family type of atmosphere that is ideal for learning and in helping to mold our daughter into the loving, caring individual that she is becoming”. ~ Lori Neville

5 Day PK-3 or PK-4 Program

  • Per Child Yearly Rate $3,770 for the 8:00am – 12:00 Noon Monday through Friday Pre-K instructional class.
  • Per day rate of $22 available for Noon-6:00pm on an as needed basis. 11 Month Payment Plan (June-April) $343
  • Per Child Yearly Rate $5,720 for the Extended Day Pre-K class which includes 8:00am –Noon instructional class plus day care from 6:00am – 7:45am and Noon – 6:00pm. 11 Month Payment Plan (June-April) $520


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